Online Learning

Stay learning, we are with you...

It's no longer teaching, it's now learning. A one stop center to guide you on how to prepare the students to learn from anywhere and anytime.


A material for student to learn from it. It can be prepared in slides, pdf, docs, recorded video lecture, youtube, or website that provide the information on a topic.


An interactive session among students and lecturer to clarify or discuss on the given topic. It can be done through forum, facebook, telegram, whatsapp, padlet, trello, etc.


An assessment for learning to monitor and check student's understanding. It can be done through online quiz (mcq/ TF/ fill-in-the-blank) OR online assignment (video or written report).

3 steps for online class

  1. Share a pdf / slide / video / youtube for a topic for the online week using KeLiP / Whatsapp/ Telegram / Email. Provide a 15 minutes video or 15 pages pdf for the 1 hour class.
  2. Interact with the students for any clarification or discussion about the provided materials. Spend an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes discussion through an online forum / telegram / facebook chatting.
  3. Conduct a 30-minute online quiz (10-20 MCQ) based on the given materials.
Monitor the result and communicate with the weak students to seek and overcome their problems. This can be done either face-to-face or live tele-conference (skypes/zoom) or private messages (telegram/ whatsapp/ facebook messenger/ email).